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AGNI Motors

The Agni Motor gives up to 93% efficiency, and it maintains high efficiency over a wide range of loads and speeds. It runs on D.C. up to 60 volts at which it can produce 9 Kilowatts.


The Agni motor enables you to get the best possible performance from your battery-powered or solar-powered vehicles, boats or machinery.

BPD Manufacturing Solutions

BPD Manufacturing Solutions can offer a partnership approach to businesses looking to enhance their product offering and have the design, technical and manufacturing capabilities to develop bespoke solutions.

They specialise in Vacuum Forming, Aluminium Welding, Laminating and Spraying.

Their design and development facilities are fully BS EN ISO 9001 accredited.


Formaplex is a pioneering rapid engineering company specialising in injection-mould tooling, composite tooling and the manufacture of plastic components. 

Formaplex works with clients that operate at the very top of their fields. In an environment where exceptional performance is standard, our unique high-speed machining technology and unparalleled tooling expertise set us apart.


The Greenpower Education Trust’s objective is to advance education in the subjects of sustainable engineering and technology to young people.


Garmin is the World’s leading mobile navigation device company and a global manufacturer of in-car sat navs, portable navigation devices, handheld GPS units, and GPS products for the marine and outdoor sectors.

Their input has allowed us to evaluate important lap time data.



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